“I can’t go back to yesterday as I was a different person then”
Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland

As we launch the Magneum Innovative website, the World as with know it is ‘on pause’ providing all of us with numerous expected and unexpected challenges to possibly every aspect of our existence. An opportunistic space has also been created, a watershed to reflect amongst the contained stillness, to re-evaluate, re-order, and re-affirm and to de-clutter our lives and our impact upon our environment. 

I am no stranger to these surreal times. Four years ago this week, whilst in the midst of merging our newly evolving, vibrant company with the most capable, longstanding, technical business expertise and consultancy of our collaborators, I suffered a ‘most inconvenient’ brain haemorrhage – cause unknown. As 50% of those impacted do not survive and 50 % of those who do survive are left with significant, life changing impairments, I emerged to face the realities of my own brave new world, with gratitude. 

With the vital, professional support of the Kent Clinical Neuropsychology team, I slowly had to come to terms with the reality that there would be no quick ‘matter of months’ fix to return me to my pre ‘event’ self. In reality I would never return to that place, I would re-emerge somewhere less familiar on my life path. The three years that it took to identify, adapt to, manage and most significantly, to accept my post brain trauma deficits was a very necessary process. There would be no reversion to my former self. A new Dr Who type regeneration had occurred. A self who now had to contend with brain fatigue, caused by over thinking and mental overstimulation, much of the latter falling victim to a subconscious brain drain by the thief of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As my partner describes it, analogously, ‘running too many or a poor combo of ‘apps on the smart phone in my brain’; results in a loss of functionality and battery power down.

Anyone who had suffered any life changing trauma will recognise that there are positives if you seek them out; you have choices and opportunities, as we all do now. I draw parity with my personal choices and those with which the World is now presented as it emerges from sharing the company of my newest, best friend – joyful seclusion. As we greet this global dawn, amidst mourning the losses of what was, be in no hurry to try to recapture the past, instead focus upon discovering what could be.

Re-order what you believe in, make a difference, follow compulsions, marvel and support the power of mother nature as she reclaims what has always belonged to her and never to us. A new life path for our planet has been forged; there should be no return to what was. A global watershed, in which we can all play our part as individuals – personally and professionally – presents itself. The pandemic has impacted the landscape of business and commerce from the mighty to the fledgling start-up. The ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ spirit, celebrated during the recent V.E Day anniversary commemorations, highlights that businesses will need to determine how this mantra might effectively translate for them. 

At Magneum Innovative our celebration of both personal and business watersheds; begins with the release of our phoenix; the launch of our new EU ERDF supported website, as a culmination of the four year journey. Our enduring quest to support wildlife, protect shared habitats alongside scarce natural resources, remains at the core of our business. Our innovative eco-technology will vitally assist post pandemic, re-emerging businesses; seeking to reduce energy consumption and operational overheads, whilst lowering their carbon and chemical emissions.

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