The magnetic conditioning experts

Offering superior force, neodymium magnetic technology
that harnesses the greatest power to size ratio to maximise results for our customers.

From enhancing fuel combustion efficiency to reducing carbon and chemical emissions, our innovative product range is designed to assist consumers with cost‑conscious, eco‑friendly living and working whilst helping to protect the natural world.

Designed and developed in‑house to an industrial strength specification, manufactured in the UK; our industry‑leading technology provides multiple benefits for commercial and domestic users.

Decreases harmful emissions; minimising impacts upon our planet

Helps prevent the environmental damage caused by the depletion and burning of fossil fuels and the usage and disposal of potentially destructive chemicals.

Reduces operating costs

Lowers business and domestic running expenses by maximising fuel combustion efficiency to reduce fuel usage and through lessening the duress application of chemical cleansers and sanitisers.

Saves time

Operates without any maintenance requirements.
Reduces the frequency of cleaning and sanitising treatment cycles.

Conserves materials

An enduring technology losing only 1% in performance strength every 100 year period.
Helps preserve the operational efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of equipment and appliances.
Zero ‘end of life’ decommissioning stipulations; unlike other green technologies.

Why Magneum Innovative?

  • Magneum Innovative has more than thirty year’s research, design and development expertise in the magnetic conditioning industry.
  • Possess an informed understanding of the scientific provenance supporting our technology.
  • Are experts in configuring, applying and installing this innovative eco‑technology to maximise results.
  • We offer a money back guarantee subject to our standard terms and conditions of business.
  • We are established members of Clean Growth UK and Low Carbon Kent business network platforms; supporting ‘green’ business innovation, growth and co‑working to encourage environmental responsibility through employing technologies such as ours.

Improve energy efficiency
Reduce fuel usage
Lower your carbon footprint

Experience softer water
Prolong equipment efficiency
Be more eco‑friendly

Extend beerline cleaning cycles
Decrease wastage
Reduce costs

Extend cleaning cycles
Prolong appliance efficiency & life
Reduce costs