Our team are experienced in working with many significant clients across a variety of sectors. Clients that are seeking to benefit from the sound scientific provenance of our market leading, re-emerging, eco-technology through:

  • optimising fuel combustion efficiency to reduce their energy consumption.
  • lowering operating overheads – arising from the usage of consumables, equipment operation/replacement/maintenance alongside associated labour costs.
  • reducing the impact of potentially harmful carbon, NOx and chemical  emissions upon our environment.

As the use of our technology provides clients with a potential tangible, competitive edge, it is Magneum Innovative’s policy not to openly publicise individual client’s results. Selected case studies are available for discussion.

We have partnered with clients in sectors that span education – schools & universities, public sector, emergency services, heritage, ecclesiastical, residential care, community, health & social care, sports & leisure.

For example through installation of this technology, across the Canterbury Diocese, we have actively supported and quantifiably influenced, the Church of England’s strategic environmental campaign that seeks to enable the whole Church to address – in faith, practice and mission – the issue of climate change. The aim is to achieve an 80% reduction in the Church’s carbon footprint by 2050.

Our technology and company has been recognised as a resource by the A Rocha UK led national Eco Church award scheme