“The Times They Are A Changing” – Bob Dylan

We are living through events that we could have never imagined would happen in our lifetimes, let alone prepare for. The world of work might never be the same again for those of us that are not on the ‘operational front line’; a more civilised approach is being adopted, no current commute, embracing home based working, online conferencing, even power naps. Time spent away from home is lessened, enabling and supporting an improved work life balance. Some might miss the commute, but who is truly ready to return to it?

Mother Nature is certainly enjoying the breathing space that she has been given, with few disagreeing that this is a real environmental benefit to the whole planet.

Last year saw a massive surge of interest in, and a global demand to halt, climate change alongside the urgent need to reduce carbon and other noxious emissions, with remarkable people across all generations, spearheading the cause.

Now is the time to build on what has been achieved. Yes indeed Mr Dylan…the times they are a changing…. 

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