The Technology

Magnetic fuel conditioning; a re-emerging technology with a well-observed,  documented scientific provenance, dating back to the mid 1800’s. Scientists, including the renowned Michael Faraday, found that the application of a strong magnetic force caused hydrocarbon fuel to burn more efficiently.

Various theories to explain the phenomena have been debated including…

…that fuel molecules, charged positively and negatively at random, attract each other in large clusters called associations. Fuel travelling along the fuel supply line passes through the powerful magnetic fields; the hydrocarbon molecules become positively charged and repel each other.

These molecular clusters break apart to allow the oxygen molecules better bonding with the hydrocarbon molecules as they reach the burner; attaining a more complete, cleaner combustion.

Result: a flame temperature rise of approximately 120°C +; well within built-in boiler tolerances

  • water in the boiler attains the target temperature sooner
  • ‘burning time’ in the burner is reduced
  • fuel consumption is lowered
  • fewer carbon and NOx emissions produced for the same volume of fuel combusted

Our system has been created using only the highest appropriate grade of neodymium magnet.

Neodymium magnetic material is an alloy of neodymium, iron, boron.

Superior neodymium magnets found in MRI scanners, wind turbines, maglev trains, power tools and computer hard drives are the most powerful, permanent magnets available in the market place.

Our bespoke modular system is designed and configured to optimise magnetic conditioning of the fuel being combusted by the boiler, based upon boiler output rating, supply pipe material/diameter, fuel type…


Magneum Pro™ is retro fitted without disturbance to fuel feed pipes or interruption to boiler operation.

The Benefits

  • Improved fuel combustion efficiency
  • Lowered fuel consumption
  • Reduced carbon and NOx emissions
  • Rapid return on investment period, compared to other green technologies
    ~ typically 10–18 months depending upon fuel consumption
  • Maximises and delivers a lifetime of fuel savings on current and future boiler installations
  • Complements other energy efficiency and environmental protection initiatives
  • Zero maintenance and running costs
  • Portable, ‘fit and forget’ system technology
  • Lifetime guarantee  

The Results

Boiler systems partnered with neodymium magnetic fuel conditioning technology; correctly designed, configured and installed by specialists such as ourselves, have typically achieved verified 10%-15% decreases in fuel consumption and commensurate carbon and NOx gas emission reductions.