The Technology

In hard water areas of the UK, insoluble calcium carbonate forms unsightly limescale deposits within hot water pipes and upon the elements of appliances and equipment as they heat water; increasing energy and equipment maintenance costs whilst reducing efficiency and operational life.

Hard water also dictates the frequency of equipment cleansing regimes and quantities of chemical based
cleaning products that consumers have to use.

Developed from our Magneum Aqua™ water conditioning system, Magneum Barista™ is designed specifically for hot beverage machines. The process does not add or remove substances but alters the way hard water behaves. Strong magnetic forces impact the precipitation and crystallisation processes that create and deposit limescale.

Calcium carbonate and other minerals within magnetised hard water are kept in suspension and encouraged to pass through pipework and appliances, without causing further deposits of limescale.

Over a period of time existing limescale coatings are gradually softened.

The Benefits

  • Reduces heating and equipment cleaning costs
  • Maintains energy efficiency by preventing/lessening unwanted limescale deposits that act as insulation upon components
  • Maximises operational efficiency of hot beverage dispensing machinery and appliances
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the equipment and water supply pipework
  • Lowers heating system generated carbon emissions
  • Moderates the usage of environmentally unfriendly chemicals and cleaning products

The Results

The Carbon Trust has stated that “for every 1mm of limescale build-up upon a heating element, there is a decrease in the operational efficiency and a pro-rata increase in fuel usage of 7%.

Magneum Barista™ is a simple to install, ‘fit and forget’ eco-friendly option to minimise the energy, environmental, maintenance and equipment replacement cost impacts of being located in a hard water area.